Campus di Architettura al Politecnico di Milano

Luogo: Milano

Anno: 2018-2021

Cliente: Politecnico di Milano

Developement: 7.700 mq

Costo: 18.200.000 €

The new Architecture Campus is Politecnico di Milano’s answer to the latest race to the top in international architecture schools. The university campus has been inaugurated on June 22nd in the Presence of the at the end of June 2021.

The project is designed by Ottavio Di Blasi – ODB&Partners from an idea of Renzo Piano: it is a radical reorganisation of the spaces of the via Bonardi complex and its transformation into a modern Urban Campus.

The original idea for the project was developed from some original sketches donated to the Politecnico University (and to the city of Milan) by Renzo Piano. Later on, Ottavio Di Blasi, his close partner since the 1980s, has been appointed to accomplish the design of the complex. Both Renzo and Ottavio are “alumni” of Politecnico di Milano. 

The site includes two existing buildings: the Trifoglio (lit. clover) and the Nave (lit. ship), designed by Gio Ponti, another fellow alumnus of Politecnico di Milano. Both structures will be restored and revitalized as part of the final project. 

The new complex will serve as the site for the school’s new Architecture Campus, focused on excellence in teaching, research, and innovation. Big numbers are:

  • The new un-obtrusive buildings (4.000 msq) are partially submerged below ground and contain classrooms for 800 students
  • The heart of the Campus will be the Architectural Model Lab (1600 msq) containing traditional model making facilities (wood and resin) as well as digital and 3D printing facilities
  • The Student Lobby is situated at the pilotis level of the Nave building 
  • Topped with accessible terraces, the structures assume a low profile and are set inside a forest of over 130 trees
  • The parterre (7000 msq) is an open-air area equipped with electronic benches shadowed by trees

The architecture of all the new buildings as well as the cladding of the perimetral walls is built with the same façade system. In order to match the strict timing schedule the building structure is made of dry-assembled steel components supporting X-Lamm wooden slabs. 

The new Campus is open to town connecting the northside public park to the Piazza Leonardo da Vinci and the Politecnico historical quarter in Milan.