FOOD SUPERMARKET – International Design Contest

Luogo: Riga (Latvia)

Anno: 2004

Development: 2.000 mq

Usually food supermarkets are located in anonymous pre-cast concrete industrial buildings.
The remedy to the lack of identity of these structures usually is some kind of external cladding that inevitably gives a “fake” feeling to the building.
The idea of “applying” some kind of graphic skin to the building usually takes to a very conventional and banal architecture.

The design goal is to achieve a unique original visual identity as a result of a rational construction process instead of some kind of cosmetic “dressing” the building.
The real architectural expressivity involves the whole building and not only his external skin.

The peculiar design brief asking for at least half of the parking places sheltered from the snow is a key element of the project as well.
Actually the parking canopy can’t be a subsidiary part of the project but a fundamental part of it.

The architectural shape is generated by the variation of the repetitive roofing module.
In the parking area some of the construction bays are missing and some other bended-up to make the entrance more visible and to achieve a more dynamic and welcoming. architectural shape.

The unique and original roof profile achieved by applying this process creates a unique and recognizable sky-line that will soon become a key element of the brand identity.
Wood is a very familiar material in Latvija.
The choice of the wood as a construction material is not only connected with well-known rational reasons but is motivated by the notion of naturality and ecology strictly connected to it and so essential for the Food sector.
The wood is warm and friendly and it’s the ideal material for a food supermarket in Latvija.

The construction geometry is based on the bay size of 16,00 x7,50 m.
This is the ideal geometry to fulfill the need of a sheltered parking as well of the most flexible internal lay-out.

The shape of the building is so strong and its sky-line so peculiar that it will be soon part of the branding.
The company logo will not be located on the roof but on the soil, close to the car entrance. The choosen location and the size of the Logo (300×500) will make it very visible from the motor way.
The corporate Logo together with the peculiar architectural shape of the building will soon become a memorable yet very strong visual message.